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        Ashley Bell is a full time artist, mother, and mermaid enthusiast. She lives by the water in Sausalito, California. Her love for bright colors and surrealistic imagery started early on. As a young child, she was inspired by the bright lights, billboards, and theaters of NYC, as well as the psychedelic band  posters her parents had up in the house. However, her passion for art sparked unexpectedly years later when one small drawing on her bedroom wall quickly developed into a four wall mural. Fed by an urge to escape high school life, she surrounded herself with a world of her own. After high school, she graduated from Sonoma State University where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting.

        “I am most intrigued by the blend between reality and imagination. The way our surroundings, memories, and subconscious mind all come together to form the truest representation of each life experience. I work to capture this fusion in my paintings, and I compose them as if they are a moment in time, where all the different forces present in that moment are layered into one visual plane. The artists whom have most inspired me are Henri Magritte, Jeff Koons, and Alphonse Mucha.

        SugarFist Apparel is the brand name of my screen printed apparel. The name SugarFist is meant to represent “sweet shirts that pack a punch.” I enjoy making shirts that are whimsical and make people smile. “

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